The Mixing Theory Présentation Book
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The Mixing Theory

The new reference in learning the basics of mixing as well as its more advanced techniques.
A price defying all competition for an optimized access to all producers.
Boost your production quality now.

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The Mixing Theory Présentation Book

Summary of knowledge


Over 50 Pages on everything there is to know about audio mixing,
optimized for reading on cumputer-screens as well as on tablets ans smartphones


A worked and pleasant design to, breaks complicated mixing techniques and principles down into easy to follow steps.


The complete methodology for the entire mixing process from preparation to delivery.

"An entrepreneurial mindset, being in constant search of skills, training, will make you the producers of tomorrow"


Highlights the most commonly used effects in audio production such as compressors, limiters, equalizers, reverb, delay, gates and others


The guide is sprinkled with pro tips and background information to make the learning experience more playful


Learn the basics of mixing but above all what you are not told, the keys to success are often different from what you think and sometimes much more accessible.

Finally Successful Mixing


From the fundamental techniques of compression, equalization, reverb... to advanced advice. This book covers all the necessary steps to create a good mixdown.


Designed to help producers master one of the most important parts of creating a song because its quality will impact on the quality of the music.


Learning all these techniques can seem frightening for a young producer, that's why we have gathered the essentials in a quick and easy to read e-book.

“Finally, a complete work that will allow you to mix better! The first part of this five-volume book lays the foundations for a true understanding of mixing. After a brief and surprising definition of mixing, we will present in detail each of the essential components of a professional mix.

You’ll see how to preserve the integrity of the audio signal during this path to ensure optimal performance of your processing devices and plug-ins.”

They were satisfied

The Mixing Theory Présentation Book

24,90 14,90


English, French

1 review for The Mixing Theory

  1. R. James

    I’ve been producing for a few years now, I have to admit that mixing is a fundamental step for a good song.

    The book is very understandable thanks to the numerous images and the very pleasant layout.

    I recommend this book

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