The mastering theory book cover studio palaces
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The Mastering Theory

Mastering… The final stage in the production of a piece, so dreaded by young producers. It requires a particular learning process that we have fully summarized in this ebook. Mastering has never been so easy. 

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Summary of knowledge


Everything there is to know about Mastering,
optimized for reading on cumputer-screens as well as on tablets ans smartphones


A worked and pleasant design to, breaks complicated mastering techniques and principles down into easy to follow steps.


The complete methodology for the entire mastering process from preparation to delivery.

"An entrepreneurial mindset, being in constant search of skills, training, will make you the producers of tomorrow"


Highlights the most commonly used mastering techniques, And explain them clearly and simply


The guide is sprinkled with pro tips and background information to make the learning experience more playful


Mastering is a crucial step in the finalization of a piece, it is one of the main criteria when it comes to judging the quality of music production.

Finally Successful Mastering

Become a Professional

Mastering is crucial in the final result of a song, it is a major criterion to enter a label for example.
Find out how to put the final sheen on your mixes, work with every Daws

Just training

Mastering, once the theoretical skills have been acquired, will become so simple in the long run that you'll laugh about it.

” This e-book aims to make producers succeed, bring them a great sound and artistic quality on their productions. It is the result of a collaboration between Ableton producers and experienced sound engineers, providing the producer with the mix of artistic and technical sides to allow him to exploit 100% of his creativity. It brings to the producer a perfect mastering of the mixing effects, the knowledge to build and realize the Mastering stages of his production. “​

The mastering theory book cover studio palaces

14,90 7,90


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